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What age should your child start football training?

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Being one of the leaders in Manchester football coaching, we know exactly how important football is in both adults and children. We’ve grown up watching our Manchester football teams and now our children are doing the same.

Manchester children simply love football. But, at what age should your child start playing football and start football training?

When it comes to children’s football training, we recommend the earliest time for a child to begin is between 3 and 5 years old. Before this, the easiest way to teach them the basic skills is by playing with them at home or in the park.

At such a young age, it’s better for your child to explore the beautiful game of football and what it has to offer, without too much restriction or rules. They need to enjoy the game first.

When your child reaches 3+ they can begin to develop more skills for the game. We can help them to develop these skills, including balance, ball technique and grow into football.


Footballs made for different ages

For many years, we’ve had classes for all different age groups. With each age group comes different forms of training. Something to remember is to get a football that is for their age group. A ball which is too heavy or large will make it difficult for your child to kick and dribble the ball.

For children under 8, we recommend using a size 3 ball. Using the right sized ball will allow your children to develop their skills more efficiently.


Ready to try one of our classes?

At Chris Williams Football Academy, we run classes for all children in Manchester. Our football classes focus on the South Manchester area, including Wythenshawe, Heald Green and Cheadle.

If you want to know further details on how to book your first class, then click here.

How Football Coaching Can Benefit Your Child

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When it comes to football, it’s most likely on the top of your child’s to-do list in their spare time. It’s fun and enjoyable, but, there are many other beneficial aspects football training can bring to your child. Some you may not even be aware of!

As one of Manchester’s leading football academies, we’ve studied the benefits of football coaching for children and how it can help your child grow both physically and mentally. In this article, we will show you just a few of the plus sides of Chris William’s Football Academy has given to it’s youngsters…


Improves your child’s social skills
When playing football, Children learn how to communicate both individually and  connect with each other when playing as part of a team. Working together as a team will give your child the ability to integrate and bond, building strong friendships. Not only is it the bonding and communication skills our academy helps with. We also help the players grow with conflict management and respect. Your child will learn how to communicate respectfully both on and off the field.


Develops positive self-esteem
When it comes to a parents desires, we all want our children to have positive self-esteem and be confident. A great way of helping your child grow in confidence is through doing something they enjoy with people they like spending time with. At Chris Williams’ Football Academy, we help to develop bonds and friendships within the team and also help for your child to understand how to deal with both winning and losing. These aspects will be hugely beneficial in later life and give them the confidence they need.


Builds cooperation
Obviously, football is a team sport and as a team we need to co-operate to be successful. We help to create scenarios on the field that will build cooperation throughout the team and grow your child to handle any situation successfully.


Gives your child focus
Playing football regularly is a positive addition to a child’s routine offering them something healthy and enjoyable to focus on. Football training is a perfect way to build concentration.


Promotes teamwork
With football comes the ability to work with others, all with the same goal. The lessons that players learn on the field translates to their everyday life. In other words, joining a team promotes collaboration and fellowship with other people.


It is a great way to meet people and make friends
Our football coaching in Manchester is a great way for your child to build healthy relationships with peers their age. These relationships could last a lifetime!


Weight management
One of the biggest issues, in the UK, is childhood obesity. However, this issue can be tackled with a number of fitness solutions, including football. This rigorous – yet fun – activity helps a great deal in shedding calories and burning fat. Kids who participate in sports are bound to be naturally fitter.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team and we will help get your child enrolled on our award-winning coaching in no time! Plus, your first session is FREE!