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SBFA Holiday Courses

These are a great way to keep children occupied, fit and socially engaged. Whilst there is a fun element to the holiday courses, they also closely follow our coaching philosophies.

Our 2020 summer courses run from Monday -Friday each week starting on the 27th July, and will run for four weeks (final week 17th-21st August). Parents can book single days, the full week or the full four week package.

Venue – Cheadle, Lavington Avenue SK8 2HQ (outdoor grass pitch)

All of our sessions and courses are run in line with the FA and Government Covid-19 guidance. Our own internal risk assessment can be found here:!AuAT6TBAtMAzk0SeZ3FsvZJ6NOm_?e=1GxYij


9am-9:10am:  REGISTER – Children will be registered then allocated into their age groups

9:10am-9.30am: SAQ – All children will join in our SAQ circuit which will get everyone moving and warmed up. This will include hurdles, ladders, in/out of cones, explosive turns and various other SAQ stations designed to improve agility, balance and co-ordination

9.30am-10.30am: FIRST SESSION – The children will be split into groups based on age/ability and within their groups will be lead by the coach to their designated station where they will take part in various different football drills and games. This session tends to focus on technical work and movement.

10.30am-10.45am: SNACK TIME – Children will be supervised during the 15 minute break, where they can have a sit down and a drink/snack (We advise fruit, cereal bar etc)

10.45am-12:00pm: SECOND SESSION – The children will go back into their groups where they will have over an hour of  football fun, games and drills ending with a match (or other competition within their groups.)

12pm: HOME TIME – Parents/Guardians come to pick up their children

We provide incentives to play well and good behavior. On a daily basis we choose a ‘Player of the day’ and at the end of each week will choose a ‘Player of the course’. These awards get given out not only based on ability but for children who show a desire to improve and a positive attitude.

Please complete the booking form below to secure your Childs place. Or email us at for more info. Places are limited, so it is a first come-first served basis. Once your child’s place is confirmed, you will receive a link to pay online.

Please either select single days (£11.99 each) the full week (£47.96) OR 4 week deal (£149.99)

4 Week Deal £149.99
Week 1 £47.96Week 2 £47.96Week 3 £47.96Week 4 £47.96

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