manchester football coaching

Being one of the leaders in Manchester football coaching, we know exactly how important football is in both adults and children. We’ve grown up watching our Manchester football teams and now our children are doing the same.

Manchester children simply love football. But, at what age should your child start playing football and start football training?

When it comes to children’s football training, we recommend the earliest time for a child to begin is between 3 and 5 years old. Before this, the easiest way to teach them the basic skills is by playing with them at home or in the park.

At such a young age, it’s better for your child to explore the beautiful game of football and what it has to offer, without too much restriction or rules. They need to enjoy the game first.

When your child reaches 3+ they can begin to develop more skills for the game. We can help them to develop these skills, including balance, ball technique and grow into football.


Footballs made for different ages

For many years, we’ve had classes for all different age groups. With each age group comes different forms of training. Something to remember is to get a football that is for their age group. A ball which is too heavy or large will make it difficult for your child to kick and dribble the ball.

For children under 8, we recommend using a size 3 ball. Using the right sized ball will allow your children to develop their skills more efficiently.


Ready to try one of our classes?

At Chris Williams Football Academy, we run classes for all children in Manchester. Our football classes focus on the South Manchester area, including Wythenshawe, Heald Green and Cheadle.

If you want to know further details on how to book your first class, then click here.